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We're best known for NoMorePly, the fastest growing brand of fibre cement board in the UK.

We manufacture and distribute a range of boarding and wetroom systems, plus tiling supplies including trims and tools. And because installers really value our lifetime guarantee and find the products easy to fit, there's great sales potential for you.

We're different because we invest in our merchant relationships.

By sharing industry knowledge and retailing best practice, we create and implement personalised training programmes to make sure our customers grow profitably. Our Business Development Managers will help your staff engage with the trade, stimulate trial and encourage repeat purchase. They give practical advice and hands-on support with trade events, product promotions, merchandising and tailored points of sale.

Project Name
The Shard

When this iconic building needed watertight bathrooms, STS provided wetroom tanking kits, giving complete peace of mind for the developer and the residents.

John Sisk & Son Ltd

STS Product & Sales Training

Our training gives your staff more Confidence

The confidence to sell. It also means we can give you a 90 day no dead-stock sales guarantee.
We have seen our training have a big impact on sales as it shows your staff how to connect STS product with customers, stimulate trial and create repeat purchases - even with installers who need a bit of a nudge to change the way they work. Installers rely on you for advice and best practice and with our training you can deliver what your customers want and be confident of a job well done.

See details of our training programme: sts-uk.com/training

Customer quote

STS helped us drive new sales. Their team impressed with a full training programme with practical advice on engaging the trade, overcoming objections and stimulating product trial.

Steve Hallam Retail Manager
Milford Building Supplies

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STS Building Systems

The first manufacturer to give a lifetime guarantee

We are the first manufacturer to give a lifetime guarantee on all our products provided they are fitted as a system using our fixing materials. We've listened to installers and created a range that meets their needs, specifier's preferences and the latest building regulations. Our systems are easy to install. They are efficient and do the job better. If your customers are busy creating ensuites, installing bathrooms and wetrooms, building loft conversions or extending properties into basements, then our products should be part of your range.

  • 1 6mm Fibre Cement Board

    Prevents cracked grout lines by removing the 'bounce' in timber floors before tiling. Professionals prefer NoMorePly because it's quick and easy to use, plus its the first system with a lifetime guarantee.

  • 3 Wetroom Trays

    Kaskade and NoMorePly trays have a unique rebate that fits perfectly with our 6mm boards to ensure a waterproof promise. Fit directly onto joists or into solid surfaces, we have easy fitting systems for tile or vinyl.

  • 2 12mm Fibre Cement Board

    Stronger than plasterboard and essential in wet or damp areas. With fire resistant and sound absorbing properties, 12mm boards (1200 x 800) are perfect for loft conversion partition walls and to create ensuites, ready to tile.

  • 4 MEGA Tanking Kit (8㎡)

    Includes NoMorePly unique one-coat tanking membrane. Fast drying, ready to tile in approx. 2 hours. Plus, advanced tanking primer to improve adhesion. 10m of self-adhesive joint sealing tape, brush and gloves. Low odour and eco friendly.

STS Building Systems
NoMorePly products
  • Cut it
  • Stick it
  • Screw it
  • Prime it

6mm Fibre Cement Boarding System

The fastest growing fibre cement board brand in the UK.

NoMorePly is a tile backing system used to strengthen timber floors before tiling. professionals choose NoMorePly because its quick and easy to handle, cut and lay. It's thin, so avoids any unwanted step into the tiled area and it's water resistant, unlike plywood which weakens when damp. Boards are cut using a 'score and snap' technique, then stuck and screwed into place, before priming. Tiling can start immediately after fixing the boards. This system comes with a lifetime guarantee, providing both retailers and installers complete peace of mind.

Customer quote

It's quick and easy, and we are not called back to fix broken tiles and cracked grout lines. I use NoMorePly on all kitchen and bathroom floors before tiling, it's one of the first materials I fit.

Jamie Reed
Professional Tiler since 2005

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12mm Fibre Cement Boarding System

A board recommended for both internal and external use.

A stronger partition walling material then plasterboard, 12mm should be yur first choice in wet areas. Impervious to mositure, it's the preferred substrate to carry large, heavy wall tiles. Plus it's impact resistant, providing a tough, long lasting walling material that gives you a solid feel to the touch. Securing fixings, such as towel rails, are no problem and it comes with an A1 fire rating, so it's ideal to line out fireplaces before tiling and installing log burners. It's a versatile board that suits lots of applications, including for external use as a render board.

Customer quote

We were using plasterboard throughout our development,but chose to break spec and now use the STS boarding systems in all tiled areas. This way we know the job's done right and we keep the tilers happy.

Scott Harding
Project ManagerHead Office 3

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22mm Fibre Cement Boarding System

Available in two sizes to provide easy product handling.

A new flooring system that replaces the need for both timber and over-boarding with a single board. Guaranteed no squeak flooring, it's quick and simple to lay. Boards come in two sizes with the smaller one being a single-man lift. Demand has been strong since it's introduction with developers switching to 22mm to gain commercial economies of scale through its speed and ease of application. It's easy to order from STS and boards can be delivered next day to branch or direct to site, plus they're resistant to poor weather, so won't be damaged on site unnecessarily.

Customer quote

STS helped us drive new sales. Their team impressed with a full training programme with practical advice on engaging the trade, overcoming objections and stimulating product trial.

Andrew Broadwith
Sales Director
G H Brooks & Co Ltd

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STS Insulation Boards

Versatile boards for floors and walls, inside and out.

STS introduced slim insulation boards originally as an alternative tile backing board for use on solid surfaces and they are especially good when partnered with electric underfloor heating. Then installers started to use them as a first choice in thicker widths for tanking out basements and for use externally as substrates for heavy tiles. Our range now includes boards in widths from 6mm to 50mm to suit a wide variety of applications and when used with STS fitting essentials, all products come with a lifetime guarantee.

Customer quote

Lots of customers are asking for electric underfloor heating and STS insulation boards are perfect to use over solid surfaces before I lay the cables and tiles.

Craig Sellers
Professional Tiler since 1984

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STS Wetroom Systems

NoMorePly and Kaskade trays to fit all surfaces, tiles and vinyls.

Two wetroom tray systems that provide your installers a choice of price points and a solution to fit all environments and all coverings, including tiles and vinyls. All trays have been designed with a unique rebate making our 6mm NoMorePly boards fit perfectly to ensure a waterproof promise. STS supply traps and wastes, trays in many sizes and tanking kits so that your customers can buy them all to create a wetroom. STS can also supply a choice of glass panels to complete the project and all the product training they need to give your staff total confidence.

STS Trims and Movement Joints

Professional tiling accessories to complete the job.

For merchants looking to extend their product range into tiling supplies, SYS has an extensive range of accessories including tile trims in a variety of materials, designs and finishes, plus retail PoS to display these products. STS can also supply movement joints, spacers, tapes, cleaners and sealers-everything so you can stock the key products professionals expect to find in a specialist retailer.

Customer quote

My clients expect a high level of finish and STS provides me with the products to achieve what they're looking for.

Chris Martell
Blend Renovations Ltd

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STS The company

A family business with close working relationships with the trade.

STS creates, manufactures and distributes building systems that deliver a clear competitive advantage. All products are tried and tested to consistently outperform alternatives and all systems come with a lifetime guarantees for the user's complete peace of mind. Our customers' reputations rest on the quality of our products, so we stop at nothing to make sure consistent reliability and 'first time, every time' performance.

We take pride in our customer service, which we believe is paramount and sets us apart as a supplier. Our technical helpline is available to stockists and end users alike to help deliver on our promise - making the working day easier for our customers.

We want our customers to leave every experience with us feeling happy and it's the responsibility of every staff member to make sure that happens - from the point of order, to picking and packing, through to delivery.

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