STS Product & Sales Training

Our training gives your staff more confidence

Collage of pizza, classroom training and a trade day

The confidence to sell. It also means we can give you a 90 day no dead-stock sales guarantee. We have seen our training have a big impact on sales as it shows your staff how to connect STS products with customers, stimulate trial and create repeat purchases. - even with installers who need a bit of a nudge to change the way they work. Installers rely on you for advice and best practice, and with our training you can deliver what your customers want and be confident of a job well done. 

  • In-store product demonstrations for sales counter staff and their customers
  • Trade events to open minds to new ways of working for installers
  • Bespoke online training programmes to refresh knowledge and build confidence

Initial sales programme focused on:

  • Merchandising to capture attention and stimulate conversations
  • Engagement tactics in-store, online and using the telephone to create sales leads
  • Overcoming objections and repositioning the sales message to achieve product trial
  • Managing conversations on product price and defending value
  • Generating repeat purchase, creating loyalty and installer referrals

Speak to STS and we can tailor a training programme specifically for your store managers